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Internet of Things – Smart Systems and Dumb Policy could be a Dangerous Combination in a Dynamic Global Arena

Steve Bell, President, KeySo Global LLC


As a result of a recent C-PET Internet of Things (IoT) round table teleconference and the recent 3rd Annual Internet of Things Europe 2011 conference in Brussels it was thought appropriate to share the following paper. This report is a summary extract of the key points discussed at a C-PET IoT conference held in December 2009. It is based on a comprehensive report developed by KeySo Global (available on request) of the meeting that examined these points in light of a number of trends and developments of the IoT during 2010...

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Fourth of July Afterthoughts by Nigel Cameron

Of American Independence in C21:
Four Considerations as we look ahead

Nigel Cameron

As July 4 rolls around, it is the most natural thing in the world for Americans to look back. Each nation is defined by its past, the pull of history a potent shaper of present identity. While this is true of all nations, and explains the pathologies of many, when the nation is the United States it bears especial significance. For this nation alone may be seen, and sees itself, as a construct. A voluntary society, isolated in splendor by shining seas. One nation determined not by race, as are most, but ultimately by will. A nation that though birthed in a colonial revolt determined – atop the best of the 18th century enlightenment – to be defined by a set of ideas...

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Save the date for 7/12/13, Innovation Teleconference: Emerging Issues in Energy Policy

As the development of new technologies accelerates, so does the rate at which technology policy must adapt to this changing world. This requires more than reactive policymaking; we must ask new questions, reframe old ones, and we must consider the future beyond the next five or ten years. Emerging technologies require long-term thinking, and that’s what we do.

This summer, C-PET is pleased to host a series of forward-thinking events focusing on the emerging questions around topics like energy, artificial intelligence, and the internet. We hope that you will be able to join us.

Innovation Teleconference: Emerging Issues in Energy Policy
Friday, July 12th
2:00pm to 4:00pm

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Martin Apple, C-PET Senior Fellow and former President of the Council of Scientific Society Presi...

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Sonnenfeld and Cameron in Conversation

As C-PET works to bridge the DC-Silicon Valley divide and that even deeper divide between DC and the future, I sat down with Gunther Sonnenfeld to continue a conversation he and have been having over the past couple of years.

What’s to be done, and how can we help corporate players to make a difference – in the interests of their shareholders and the well-being of all of us?

Here’s a sample of our conversation.

C-PET Futures Platform:

NC: The world is awash with consulting groups that organizations call in to help them get in shape for change. My sense is that these groups are themselves too much in hock to the “corporate culture” they share with their clients; locked into the present and purblind as to the true impacts of radical change...

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Save the date! The 2013 M2M & Internet of Things Global Summit

The 2013 M2M & Internet of Things Global Summit
Smart technologies for an interconnected and intelligent world     

SAVE THE DATE! October 1-2 2013, National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

Technology and its role in society is evolving dramatically. Smarter technologies and connected devices are opening up new horizons in the fight against many of the world’s most pressing challenges. From boosting economic growth to tackling climate change and improving public health; to making businesses more productive and profitable, and improving consumer experience, the ‘Internet of Things’ creates many new possibilities and has the potential to enable a plethora of new responses to such challenges.

The event will provide a high-level meeting point for all representatives from the global M2M & IoT c...

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C-PET telecon featured in Scientific American

C-PET’s recent telecon on the impact of the sequester on innovation (May 9th 2013) was reported on by Scientific American.

In Larry Greenemeier’s report on the teleconference which sought to offer potential approaches to overcoming the sequester, he refers to C-PET’s President Nigel Cameron’s observation that a predominant question is how to make up for shortfalls in funding for early stage research.  Industry, which has long benefitted from publicly funded research, could be encouraged to make up for the government’s lack of early stage funding by investing more in the R&D it ultimately uses to sell its products.

Further, he refers to observations made by Nagy Hanna, C-PET’s senior fellow and former head of corporate strategy at the World Bank, that “…if companies don’t want to spend ...

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On the Death of Aaron Swartz

As many in the C-PET network will have learned by now, a young man named Aaron Swartz hanged himself in his New York apartment on Friday. While not quite a household name, within the internet community he was widely known and admired – and had been since his early teens.

His family has already pointed the finger at a federal prosecutor who had spent two years pressing multiple felony counts over his activist effort to make scholarly articles public – what others have dismissed as a stunt and on which the principal wronged party (JSTOR) had requested that no action be taken. The other wronged party was MIT, and its discomfort is evident; so much so that on Sunday the President established an investigation into the university’s role in the matter...

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Nigel Cameron ranked as one of the top 50 Men & Women of Technology on Twitter #Nifty50 2012

C-PET President, Nigel Cameron, has recently been ranked as one of the #Nifty50 2012 – the top 50 Men & Women of Technology on Twitter.

Keeping with Twitter, Nigel was also interviewed by Liz Wilson on about Twitter and how he believes decision-makers can use it to help shape the future. You can read the interview here.

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Annoucement of Dr. Nagy Hanna’s appointment

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Nagy Hanna, adviser and former head of Corporate Strategy at the World Bank, as a Senior Fellow of C-PET.

Nigel Cameron, C-PET President, interviewed Hanna on some key questions that he has addressed in his extensive published work. Hanna gave us his thoughts on where the U.S. is heading, the digital revolution, and how he sees C-PET’s role as important to what is happening in Washington now.

You career has been spent with the World Bank with a focus at the nexus of business innovation, national strategy, digital economy, and globalization issues. Drawing on your experience, what lessons are relevant for developed countries now undergoing debt, growth and employment crises?

Perhaps I can draw on my experience in working with many developi...

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OK then, so how DO we innovate? My Aussie trip and the AMP idea.

I have yet to meet one American who is opposed to innovation. Which does not mean that we all know what it means, or what is required to get it to happen. Michael Bloomberg, who knows a thing or two about business, is energizing New York City to get a major university to center a cluster of efforts and turn NYC into the new Silicon Valley (kid you not) – recently critiqued, err, savagely, by innovation guru Vivek Wadhwa in the Washington Post and elsewhere (he argues that clusters are really great for pols). President Obama has a strategy and some interesting implementation efforts, one headed by Steve Case, whose takeover of Time Warner by AOL ranks as one of the very greatest triumphs and disasters of American business; Steve is one very smart fellow.

Well, I went on a trip a few weeks a...

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