C-PET has a proven track record and strong reputation in hosting key events which help to foster knowledge exchange and discussion surrounding some of the most pressing issues in science and technology policy.


C-PET roundtableRegular roundtables are convened at our offices in G Street NE and the further development of Institutes and Networks focused on major emerging technology issues.

Topics covered have included a review of the federal National Nanotechnology Initiative, exploration of synthetic biology developments and the future of the biotechnology industry, privacy and digital technology,and specialist discussions of biometrics (a global policy conference) and the impact of the Arab revolutions on WMD control. A major theme has been innovation, with a series of five roundtables co-sponsored by the Intel-led Task Force on American Innovation, of which C-PET is a member, touching aspects including intellectual property, risk, and policy.

Private Events

IMG-RISE-event2C-PET also continues to host private “opinion leader” dinners on timely issues for off-the-record exchanges by leaders in the policy, corporate, and other sectors. One such dinner examined the problematics of Washington’s approach to technology and the future in terms of “corporate culture,” and assessed the challenge of cultural change. Another convened corporate and policy leaders to review privacy issues on the boundary between the private sector and public policy.

While some of our larger events are off the record (such as the day-long on the Internet of Things and the “high-level” day of the global biometrics conference) – partly to encourage the participationof government leaders – we recognize the special value of smaller group contexts, especially for sensitive and emerging questions, and are privileged to be able to convene some of those most engaged in these frontier issues for our generation.