Futures Platform

Managing Directors: Nigel CameronSasha GrujicicSuresh Fernando


“The best ideas come from the right questions we can action….”

A platform combining a symposium and lab that fuses stakeholder conversation with the “rapid prototyping” of scalable solutions for use on the corporate, enterprise, policy and consumer sides of technology-accelerated and interrelated domains – science, commerce, medicine, finance, media, journalism, and more.

  1. Identification of operating context behind or alongside of current issues
  2. Scenarios generation to understand contextual implications of big economics and big business
  3. Micro challenges affecting market scale and economic growth
  4. Interdisciplinary approaches to frameworking problem & solution sets (the questions being more important than the answers)
  5. Interdisciplinary prototypes that are extensible for use by multiple entities.

We offer three proprietary components to this platform:

  • leading-edge technology to extract and cultivate quantitative and qualitative data (a form of collective intelligence & contextual computation)
  • highly original methods for “developing stories” around that data and tying them into a means for “open designing” a prototype or a solution set
  • unique global network of domain experts & emerging disciplinarians. 





Gunther Sonnenfeld is a globally recognized thought leader in the areas of social technology and business innovation, having run labs in a variety of international markets that focus on the rapid development of prototypes, products and growth plans to solve complex problems. He has co-developed over a dozen proprietary platforms in the search, social media, business intelligence, digital content and analytics domains, and has won several awards for his innovation work, including a Forrester Groundswell Award in 2010.

As a Venture Partner at K5, a startup accelerator based in Southern California, Gunther advises a number of disruptive startups, along with his strategic efforts for the Fortune 1000. He speaks frequently around the world on the topics of digital convergence and emerging markets, and has keynoted alongside of visionaries such as Sir Richard Branson, Guy Kawasaki, Arianna Huffington and Jonathan Harris. He is currently co-writing a book entitled The Big Pivot, a blueprint for companies looking to build sustainable customer relationships and sustainable markets within this shifting media and technology landscape.



Nigel Cameron, Managing Director, is a strategic adviser focused on innovation and change. He leads the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies (C-PET) in Washington, DC, and is principal of Re–framing, LLC.

In 2010-11 Nigel addressed corporate audiences on all five inhabited continents, including the biennial innovation festival hosted by Australian finance giant AMP; Nanomedicine Beijing; the “world’s leading conference on content marketing” Content Summit in London; and WorkTech New York City. Other recent speaking invitations have included the UN prepcon for Rio+20, Planet under Pressure; and the 2012 European Identity and Cloud Conference. His speaking is managed by ATG│Chartwell. US: ellis@americantalentgroup.com, Global: alexh@chartwellpartners.co.uk.

In the early 2000s, he was invited to participate in Project Horizon, the U.S. State Department multi-year scenario-based strategic planning process. Three times an executive-in-residence at UBS Wolfsberg (Switzerland), he is currently an adviser to several technology companies. He has appeared on network media in several countries, including in the U.S. ABC Nightline and PBS Frontline; and in the UK the BBC flagship shows Newsnight and Breakfast with Frost. He has also served on U.S delegations to the United Nations and is currently a Commissioner of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO.

Books include Nanoscale (Wiley); Innovation President (Kindle e-book); and (forthcoming) The Expo Factor: Exponential Change for Business, Government, and the Rest of Us. 



Suresh Fernando, a Managing Director at C-PET Futures Platform,  is a systems thinker, social innovator and philosopher with a diverse background including twelve years in finance where he both built a $30 million private client brokerage practice as well as a investment banking and strategic advisory firm focused on early stage technology companies. His breadth of experience provides a unique perspective on the capacity of the Internet to build community across organizational and national boundaries as well as to redefine collaborative and large group processes. Suresh has authored a number of strategy papers on both open collaboration infrastructure and process as well as the point of intersection between collaborative process and social finance innovation.



Sasha Grujicic, a Managing Director at C-PET Futures Platform, is a media, marketing and technology executive at Aegis Media working globally with Fortune 500 companies (GM, P&G, Pfizer, adidas, Diageo, Citibank, Disney, Target) to understand media, technology, policy and their connection to their businesses. Helping to manage billion-dollar global budgets Sasha has worked the world over to progressively develop programs, products and services that culturally, ideologically, ethically and morally suit a given environment. Sasha is also a recent graduate of Singularity University, the élite, global joint-venture program founded by Google, NASA and Ray Kurzweil, dedicated to the understanding of accelerating technologies and their impacts on humanity. Sasha actively consults with a variety of emerging companies dedicated to the adoption of accelerating technologies.

Sasha is a passionate writer, speaker and technology evangelist contributing to publications like Marketing, Strategy, Infopresse and Campaign, lecturing at the Ontario College of Art and Design, the IAB, the World Future Society, Miami Ad School and the University of Ottawa and is co-authoring an upcoming book titled The Big Pivot. Sasha also serves as the editor of THINK LAB, a an entity within the Lab Media Group that co-develops editorial content with luminaries like Professor Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman.





A great grandniece of Thomas Edison, Sarah Miller Caldicott has been engaged in creativity and innovation throughout her life. Inspired by a family lineage of inventors dating back five generations, Sarah spent the first 15 years of her 25-year career as an executive with Global 500 firms including Quaker Oats/Pepsi and the Helene Curtis subsidiary of Unilever. Working with global teams, Sarah spearheaded major innovation initiatives in North America, Europe, and Asia.

She co-authored the first book on Edison’s world-changing innovation methods, Innovate Like Edison: The Five Step System for Breakthrough Business Success. An award-winning speaker and innovation process expert, Sarah works with organizations that want to bring innovative thinking to their everyday business practices so they can accelerate growth and create relevance. Themes from Sarah’s TEDx speech were recently captured in her ebook, Inventing the Future: What Would Thomas Edison Be Doing Today?  Sarah has also served as past Chairperson of the Edison Awards.


Senior Fellow, C-PET



Dan Caprio brings over 25 years of experience on legal and policy issues involving the convergence of internet, telecommunications, and technology. He has substantial knowledge and experience in the areas of privacy, cyber security, and the Internet of Things, a term used when everyday objects are connected to the Internet. Mr. Caprio works with clients to define and capitalize on public policy strategies in the United States and Europe.

From 2004 to 2006, he served as Chief Privacy Officer and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technology Policy at the U.S. Department of Commerce (DoC) where he advised the Secretary of Commerce and the White House on technology policy and privacy protection. While at the DoC, he oversaw activities related to the development and implementation of federal privacy laws, policies, and practices. In 2011, he was appointed as a trade policy advisor to the Secretary of Commerce and United States Trade Representative.  From 2007 through 2011, Mr. Caprio advised the Secretary of Homeland Security on Data Privacy matters. In 2010, Mr. Caprio was appointed as a transatlantic subject matter expert to advise the European Commission on the Internet of Things.

Prior to his tenure at the DoC, he served as Chief of Staff to Commissioner Orson Swindle at the Federal Trade Commission. In 2002, he was appointed to represent the United States in revising the OECD guidelines on information systems and networks. Mr. Caprio holds an active security clearance for classified matters


Senior Fellow, C-PET



Nagy Hanna is an internationally recognized development strategist with extensive experience in advising developing countries and aid agencies on designing and implementing of strategies to leverage information and communication technology in support of national, sectoral and corporate strategies. He led the World Bank’s practice in applying ICT for development, as the Bank’s first senior advisor on e-Development, and the chair of the worldwide community of practice on e-Development with over 4000 members. Hanna is an innovator, communicator, change agent, executive coach, and global thought leader. He has been responsible for developing national ICT strategies, strategic management processes, capacity building programs, evaluation and learning systems, and new lending and advisory services for the World Bank and client countries. He has lectured and published extensively on e-Development, strategic planning, change management, executive education and institutional development. After retiring from the World Bank, he currently serves as the Co-Director and Senior Fellow at the e-Leadership Academy of University of Maryland in USA, as well as being a Senior International Development Strategy Consultant for the National e-Strategy and Corporate Strategy in the United States of America.


Senior Fellow, C-PET



Stu Heilsberg is a seasoned Business Development and Product Management executive, with experience in development and expansion of mobile products and services in a variety of markets in the United States, Europe and Asia.  He has created strategies for and developed businesses in mobile commerce, indoor & outdoor LBS, mobile image recognition & search, mobile health, and many mobile devices.  He has developed and managed relationships with companies of all sizes, including Samsung, LG, Cisco, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Walmart, Target, Ceridian, Foxconn, Pfizer, HP, Bank of America, and more.

With an undergraduate degree from MIT and an MBA from The Kellogg Graduate School of management, he has been positioned throughout his career to bridge the gap between technology and end users.  He has done this in creating several businesses at Qualcomm, as well as Motorola, where he launched the StarTAC phone, and Intuit, where he managed the TurboTax product line.  Having built a consulting practice, Stu serves companies to engage across their targeted ecosystems and ensure that what they build is truly valuable to the ecosystem, profitable, and leverages key trends.  He has a relentless focus on revenue development and tangible sales milestones.  Stu speaks at many higher education institutions, as well as mentors students at the undergraduate and graduate level on his approach to ecosystem engagement.  This has led to engagements with Stanford University, as well as his authoring a book titled The Answers Are Outside The Building.



Dr. Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera served as Executive Vice President of Discovery and Analytical Sciences, Government Affairs & Corporate Development, Public Relations and Corporate Communications at RTI International in Durham, NC. From 1999 to July 2009, Dr. Hunter-Cevera served as the President of the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute. Prior to this, she was the Director of the Center for Environmental Biotechnology at the E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory which was a collaborative effort between the Lab and the University of California at Berkeley. Earlier, she was co-founder of two companies (The Biotic Network and Blue Sky Research) that did contract work for large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and also consulted for five years in a variety of biotechnology fields.

For 10 years Dr. Hunter-Cevera was employed at Cetus Corporation and served as the Director of Fermentation, Research and Development and before that at E. R. Squibb and Sons as a Research Scientist. Dr. Hunter-Cevera has served as President of the Society of Industrial Microbiology (SIM), the United States Federation of Culture Collections (USFCC) and the International Marine Biotechnology Association. She served as Senior Editor for the Journal of Industrial Microbiology for ten years. Dr. Hunter-Cevera also served as a member on former USDA Secretary Glickman’s Genetic Resources Advisory Board and President Clinton’s State Department Council on Genetically Modified Foods. Dr. Hunter-Cevera also served as the United States representative to the OECD on Biological Resource Centers.

Dr. Hunter-Cevera holds several patents in natural products and enzymes, has written many scientific publications in the area of microbial ecology and screening, and has been an invited speaker at scientific meetings throughout the world. She chaired the NAS committee on the DOE’s GTL program on biofuels and is currently chairing a standing committee and a planning committee on biodefense to examine the production of therapeutics and vaccines for the DoD.


Senior Fellow, C-PET


Co-founder and Senior Partner of IO Sustainability

In 2000, Stephen founded and served for 12 years as executive director of the Business Civic Leadership Center, a not-for-profit 501(c)-3 affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce focused on corporate social responsibility and public-private partnerships. He is the author, co-author, or editor of numerous publications on corporate responsibility, business ethics, and global development, including “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: A Brief History of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility” and the “Role of Business” series of reports on corporate contributions to various social and environmental issues. Before founding BCLC, Stephen served as executive director of the Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America. Previously, he worked in the publishing industry and as a legislative assistant in the U.S. Senate.

Stephen serves on the U.S. Commission for UNESCO, the Board of Advisors of the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association, and is a fellow of the Caux Roundtable.   Stephen holds an MBA from Georgetown University and an MA in Political and Social Thought from the University of Virginia.


Senior Fellow, C-PET



He has over 35 years experience in the State Department working on global security, arms control, intelligence operations, biowarfare, nuclear weaponry, counter-terrorism, emergency humanitarian missions and POLMIL affairs with accomplishments in treaty verification, negotiations, foreign affairs analysis, humanitarian assistance deployments and program management. He has completed special projects for the National Security Council and the White House involving counter-terrorism and homeland security. Dr. McCreight’s work includes development of Homeland Security Directives for the White House, collaborative terrorism research involving Russian Special Forces, and campaign planning for major disasters and humanitarian crises. During his professional career he worked on major humanitarian crises such as Somalia and Bosnia as well as major natural disasters including the Armenian and Turkish earthquakes. He also served 27 years concurrently in the US military working in intelligence, PSYOPS, civil affairs and logistics and holds a doctorate from George Mason University with an M.A. from George Washington University and a baccalaureate from West Chester University. McCreight has published articles on homeland security and national defense subjects and teaches as an adjunct professor in the graduate programs of Georgetown and George Washington Universities.


Senior Fellow, C-PET



A digital media pioneer; Chantal Payette has proven unique in her field for seamlessly bridging the worlds of entertainment, technology, music, news, branding and content development. Payette’s strong commitment to integration, leadership and the bottom line has made her one of the foremost digital landscapers in North America over the last 17 years. Past and current clients include: AOL, CBS, CanWest, ESPN, MIT, Boston Consulting, DTG, RBC, Disney’s Family Channel, CTVGlobeMedia, Alliance Atlantis, MTV, MySpace, the Discovery Channel and ImpreMedia. Also an experienced journalist and broadcaster, Payette’s contributions to The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star, as well as a regular on-air technology correspondent for The Discovery Channel have exclusively qualified her to evaluate both sides of the media divide. A frequent guest and panelist on television and radio, Payette’s insights into the realities of digital culture have seen her chairing panels in the US, Europe and Asia and guest lecturing at the University of British Columbia. Named one of Chatelaine Magazine’s “Digital Women of the Year,” Payette has been profiled in Report on Business Magazine, MONEYSENSE, FLARE, The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen and Canadian Business.

Founder and president of Agility3, an organizational effectiveness company which primarily focuses upon the optimization of customer value by aligning corporate objectives with the individuals responsible for delivering results, Jennifer had successfully run three separate C-level ‘think tanks’ between 2002-2007.  Over the past 12 years her expertise and insights have focused paradigm shifts in executive leadership, employee engagement and shareholder responsibility in both privately held and publicly traded corporations in the transportation, telecommunications and health care industries, including: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Frontier Communications, Genesee and Wyoming Inc., Optimax Systems Inc., Zotos International, Global Crossings, Landsman Development Company, Tabtronics, and nearly thirty other businesses. In supporting the growth strategies of small companies Jennifer has established an international peer-to-peer learning environment contributing to economic development in several countries.

Jennifer runs a business simulation strategy game called Interplay that facilitates awareness and personal accountability focused upon quantifying intangible assets and human capital.

Jennifer’s book Strategy, Leadership and the Soul was released in Q2 2010 and is available on Amazon.com.


Senior Adviser, C-PET



Naomi Stanford is a consultant, teacher, and author. Her work as a consultant is in organization design and development in all its manifestations. She is the author of four books: Organization Design, the Collaborative Approach; The Economist Guide to Organisation Design; Organisation Culture: Getting it Right (also an Economist publication); Organizational Health. Before leaving the UK to live in the US she was a corporate employee of large multinational companies, including British Airways, Marks & Spencer, and Xerox. Since moving to the US she has been consulting to a range of organizations in the government, non-profit and private sectors. Additionally, she supervises doctoral students in the School of Business and Technology at Capella University.

Project and clients have included: Designing the strategy and leading the change management activity of a complex corporate move,

General Services Administration; Planning and facilitating the merger of two business units, Gap Inc.; Leading an organization design implementation to bridge two organizational divisions, Royal Dutch Shell/Johnson Controls; Developing and running consulting skills, organization development, and organization design programs in China

HR Excellence Center; organization design programs for American Airlines, Google, UK Borders Authority, Diebold, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, HR Society, HR Excellence Center, Association of Professional Design Firms, Akzo Nobel, United States Postal Service.


Senior Fellow, C-PET


Alan W. Silberberg is the founder and CEO of Silberberg Innovations and Gov2.0LA, the first West Coast “un-conference”, or participant-driven meeting, for Gov 2.0 tech. Gov 2.0 embraces the concepts of digital government and of government as a platform, exploring and promoting the disruptive innovations in technology and process that will foster new levels of transparency, efficiency and participation in government today.

Silberberg is a leading analyst in his field and frequent blogger and media commentator, focusing on government and corporate innovations in technology, and private-public partnerships. He speaks often at Gov 2.0 and Gov 3.0 events, panels, and conferences, and currently advises multinational corporations and national governments on technology, social media and crisis communications. His focus is on issues surrounding development and implementation of innovative and transformative technologies. He also advises startups and high growth companies.

Mr. Silberberg has a 20-year background in national politics and technology. As a young staffer in the Clinton White House, he was part of the team that brought the White House into the digital age for phones and other communications. As the co-founder of “YOU2GOV” in 2008, he participated in the formative years and played a key role in the public dialog and debates around Government 2.0. His media background crosses live television, radio and an extensive understanding of the technology fundamentals and concerns in politics and Government.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from American University.


Executive Board, C-PET



Having worked in Europe and in the US, Amir Banifatemi has more than 25 years of experience in development and growth of high technology ventures.

Amir has held various senior executive positions with P&L responsibilities within very large companies such as EADS, AP-HP (largest European hospital group), and the European commission division for information society and media. His career began in Europe working in R&D and system design for on-board spacecraft medical and scientific experiments. His vision of a broader industrialization led him to establish partnerships with university labs and incubators to productize and market their research projects.

His constant focus has always been on identifying and developing future and emerging technologies that can impact society. He has contributed to the formation of more than 20 startups with emphasis on healthcare, medical devices, media technologies and telecom. He was at the origin of the first implementation of a pediatric telemedicine network in Europe in 1989 and won France Telecom best technological innovation award in 1991 for his work in the tele-health field.

Amir Banifatemi is an active angel investor, and President of Tech Coast Angels Orange County Network. He is a founding member of K5Launch, one of the first startup accelerators in Southern California. He is the curator of TEDxOrangeCoast and has high hopes for Orange County and Socal as a new center for the arts and science, entrepreneurship and engaged lifestyle.

Adviser, C-PET