Year-End Appeal


Independent, long-term, and in Washington



Dear C-PET,

Year-end Appeal

It’s my pleasure as well as my duty, as President and CEO of C-PET, to invite you to help us help us end this year, and start the next one, in good shape.

Not all of you, of course. Just those who find some value in our events and commentaries and presence in Washington – as an independent and long-term influence. As emerging technologies intersect with every area of our personal, family, and national life, and as we face an increasingly complex future.

Established back in 2007, C-PET was launched the following year here in DC at the National Press Club with a conference on science, technology, and the upcoming 2008 presidential election. We hosted panels on space policy, nano/biotechnology, and the federal role in research and development. Since then we have convened dozens of conferences, roundtables, and teleconferences, issued newsletters and reports, collaborated with many other organizations working in allied fields, and developed a growing network that brings together as Senior Fellows and Advisers leading thinkers who share our commitments to non-partisanship, the centrality of technology, and a human future.

The good news is that your gifts to us are tax-deductible. The bad news is that you need to send them. While we work creatively and economically, using our network, we still have costs. Someone needs to help us keep the lights on!

C-PET has never taken corporate money to help lobbyists get their message out. In Washington, DC, of course, there’s a lot of money going around! But most of the moolah flowing to think tanks is either partisan, or it’s laundered lobbying cash. Nothing wrong with any of that, except that it’s not how we want to work.

Which brings us back to the fact that, more than many such organizations, we really need support from people like you! Or perhaps your company could help. Or a foundation on whose board you sit. Our efforts for next year will depend on your response.

And as the year draws to a conclusion, a year-end gift might be a good idea for both of us.

There may be no better time to ask you to consider hitting our donate button hitting our donate button or sending us a check to the address below. Just hit reply if you have any questions.

Thank you so much, and our very best wishes to you and yours for the holiday.


Nigel Cameron