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Let’s Engineer the Future; or, Take me to your Leader: A New Year’s Manifesto for Washington (and the rest of Homo sapiens)

It’s cold in DC. A bad winter. The shadow of an assassin. Resurgent partisanship. Fresh angst about China, as its leader comes calling. And threats to spending, not least in science and technology research. What to do? Anyone for Leadership – the kind that will leave a transformative legacy? In the State of the Union, the President used some very fine language about innovation and the future of America. People say talk is cheap. Not so. It is expensive and highly disruptive. And the context?

Well, for a nation founded on ideas, whose history has included many of the best thinkers to be birthed on planet earth, we seem remarkably devoid of them. I can’t count the number of meetings I have had with policy leaders in which they actually tell me they are cynical...

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