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C-PET’s commitment to inter-disciplinary approaches and the framing of questions has led to our developing focused institutes and networks under the umbrella of our common methodological principles.

C-PET Institute on Innovation

C-PET’s Institute on Innovation has teamed with the Intel-led Task Force on American Innovation to convene a series of roundtables on the policy, intellectual property, and risk aspects of the innovation process.
  • What is Innovation?
  • Innovation and Risk
  • Innovation and Intellectual Property
  • Innovation and Policy
Broadening the scope of the innovation discussion, we have joined with the International Council for Small Business to focus on the role of women entrepreneurs:
Women and Entrepreneurship (co-hosted at George Washington University)

C-PET Institute on Security for the 21st Century

This Institute is developing several points of focus, including:
  • Biosecurity and asymmetric risk: a private lunch meeting and invitational roundtable focused the impact of the “Arab spring” on bioweapons security (co-sponsored events with the International Security and Biopolicy Institutee
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) risk issues
  • Biometrics: Policy and Ethical implications
The Institute hosted an international conference on emerging issues in biometrics with participants from 20 nations and a high-level day-long confidential meeting involving U.S., European, and Asian participants from governments, academics and the private sector. C-PET’s Institute on Security for the 21st Century is a partner in Project RISE, a global 3-year process on the impacts of biometrics.

Our recent 2-day conference on biometrics, security and ethics drew leading experts from nearly 20 nations and included high-level participation from the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, and the European Commission.