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James Giordano & Neuroscience: Political, Security, Intelligence, and Military Issues

On April 13, 2017, The Center For Policy On Emerging Technologies hosted our Teleconference--Neuroscience: Political, Security, Intelligence, and Military Issues featuring new C-PET Senior Fellow Dr. James Giordano of Georgetown University. What follows is a lightly-edited transcript of the teleconference, and should not be quoted without confirmation from the relevant participant. Thanks to Research Fellow Anna Kling for working on the transcript, and Managing Research Assistant Adam Turosky.

Neuroscience: Political, Security, Intelligence, and Military Issues Conversation between Dr. Nigel Cameron and Dr. James Giordano
Nigel Cameron Opening Remarks: Let me welcome you to this teleconference. This is Nigel Cameron with the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies in Washington DC. Very glad to have a gathering around the fascinating question and our most recently welcomed senior fellow, Jim Giordano.
This is in fact C-PETs 10th year. We are planning some sort of celebratory activi…

Innovation for Development

I am pleased to announce our upcoming teleconference series on Innovation for Development, which will be co-hosted by my colleague Dr. Nagy Hanna, C-PET Senior Fellow and former Head of Corporate Strategy with the World Bank.
Join us for the first in this series, in which we shall be joined by Dr. Shahid Yusuf. Details below, and you can register here.
Best regards,
Nigel Cameron President and CEO, C-PET Washington, DC 20002
Shahid Yusuf, Senior Economic Adviser, World Bank Group
Shahid Yusuf is currently Chief Economist of The Growth Dialogue at the George Washington University School of Business in Washington DC and Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University SAIS. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, and a BA in Economics from Cambridge University. Prior to joining the Growth Dialogue, Dr. Yusuf was on the staff of the World Bank. Dr. Yusuf has written extensively on development issues, with a special focus on East Asia and has also published widely in academic…