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C-PET’s approach is to develop an expert network that collaborates with broad-based networks to scale our ideas and bring together established knowledge communities. To that end, C-PET has established strategic partnerships with the following networks:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce - C-PET has developed a partnership with the U.S. Chamber’s division of corporate social responsibility, the Business Center for Civic Leadership, to collaborate in a series of events on the CSR impacts of emerging technologies. First in this series, on the implications of developments in biotechnology, took place at the U.S. Chamber offices in January 2011.

RTI International - RTI International, the Research Triangle Institute based in the North Carolina universities, has invited C-PET to partner in hosting technology policy-focused events in Washington, DC.

The Task Force on American Innovation - C-PET is currently the only Washington tank to serve as a member of the Intel-led Task Force on American Innovation. The Task Force has co-sponsored C-PET’s roundtable series on innovation, risk, intellectual property and policy.

The Council of Scientific Society Presidents - C-PET is working in partnership with the Council to develop a joint curated knowledge network of 1,000 leading global experts at the interface of technology, policy, and the future.

The International Council for Small Business - C-PET is developing a partnership with the International Council for Small Business, presently based at George Washington University. In initial partnership event with the Council was our roundtable at GW on women and entrepreneurship in technology.

The International Security and Biopolicy Institute - C-PET’s Institute on Security for the 21st Century hosted a private meeting for leaders in the bioweapons field to assess the impact of the revolutions in North Africa, and subsequently a public roundtable.

Project RISE - C-PET’s Institute on Security for the 21st Century is the U.S. think tank partner in this European Commission-funded global network assessing the security and ethics aspects of developments in biometrics. We hosted a high-level event involving government, civil society and corporate leaders that also served as the prep con for the final conference in the project.

C-PET has collaborated with partners including:
  • Consortium for Science and Public Outcomes, Arizona State University
  • Converging Technologies Bar Association
  • European Commission
  • Georgetown University, Communication, Culture and Technology Program
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Institute on Biotechnology and the Human Future
  • International Council for Small Business
  • International Security and Biopolicy Institute
  • McKenna, Long and Aldridge
  • Policy Studies Organization
  • Society for Industrial Microbiology
  • The Task Force on American Innovation
  • TechAmerica
  • TechPolicy Central
  • University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Business Civic Leadership Center
  • Wellcome Trust