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Bladerunner and the Treasury Secretary

I went to see Bladerunner last night. A re-run; indeed, for me, a multi-run. It's actually been 35 years since this epochal movie first jolted our minds. Way before Google, before Facebook, before cellphones, before much of anything technological save wheelbarrows and telex machines and those huge basement "computer rooms" with ridiculously large tapes and white-coated operators (my first ever job was to feed one with forms). Back when Harrison Ford, was young, as were some of us.
Bladerunner, briefly put, is about "replicants" who are humanoid robots and go rogue; so humans, of course (in this case, the aforesaid young Harrison Ford), need to bring them to heel by shooting them.
But it's worth recalling that Michael Crichton's Westworld ante-dated Bladerunner by nearly a decade - another humanoid drama focused on the profound ambiguities we are creating, which despite the going-rogue Yul Brynner never quite managed to break the "cult movie" …