Monthly Archives March 2011

On the Innovation of DC: Washington’s Witching Word in Century 21

Nigel M. de S. Cameron
Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies
Washington, DC

These past weeks, C-PET’s Network on Innovation has been hosting conversations at the fateful meeting-point of past and future – and the witching word of Century 21. The I-word. The word that, at the end of the day, will open or close America’s future.

Meantime, Washington has been both enthusing about it – and seeking perversely to slash federal R and D spending.

C-PET’s Roundtables bring together the best and the brightest. Last up: Mark Heeson (National Venture Capital Association), Julia Spicer (Mid-Atlantic Venture Association), Mike Roco (National Science Foundation), and Steve Burrill (Burrill Life Sciences): a brains trust if ever there was one...

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