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Annoucement of Dr. Nagy Hanna’s appointment

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Nagy Hanna, adviser and former head of Corporate Strategy at the World Bank, as a Senior Fellow of C-PET.

Nigel Cameron, C-PET President, interviewed Hanna on some key questions that he has addressed in his extensive published work. Hanna gave us his thoughts on where the U.S. is heading, the digital revolution, and how he sees C-PET’s role as important to what is happening in Washington now.

You career has been spent with the World Bank with a focus at the nexus of business innovation, national strategy, digital economy, and globalization issues. Drawing on your experience, what lessons are relevant for developed countries now undergoing debt, growth and employment crises?

Perhaps I can draw on my experience in working with many developi...

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OK then, so how DO we innovate? My Aussie trip and the AMP idea.

I have yet to meet one American who is opposed to innovation. Which does not mean that we all know what it means, or what is required to get it to happen. Michael Bloomberg, who knows a thing or two about business, is energizing New York City to get a major university to center a cluster of efforts and turn NYC into the new Silicon Valley (kid you not) – recently critiqued, err, savagely, by innovation guru Vivek Wadhwa in the Washington Post and elsewhere (he argues that clusters are really great for pols). President Obama has a strategy and some interesting implementation efforts, one headed by Steve Case, whose takeover of Time Warner by AOL ranks as one of the very greatest triumphs and disasters of American business; Steve is one very smart fellow.

Well, I went on a trip a few weeks a...

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