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When the Internet meets the real world — in a Jeep

When the Internet meets the real world — in a Jeep
By Nigel M. de S. Cameron
News that hackers had messed with the controls of a Jeep Cherokee — first the heater, then the radio … then the transmission, then the brakes — sent a shiver down a lot of spines, and not just in the high-tech community and the auto industry. The entire industrial economy is amped up about the Next Big Thing, and that “thing” goes by the curious name of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Autos is a particularly sensitive part of the mix.
But back to the Jeep.

The fact that it was a “friendly” hack, and that Fiat Chrysler is issuing a fix, offers cold comfort...

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Digital Dividends: A Review of World Development Report 2016

Digital Dividends
A Review of World Development Report 2016
By Nagy K. Hanna, PhD

The World Bank has just launched Digital Dividends, the World Development Report of 2016 (WDR2016). It sums up a great deal of empirical evidence on the conditions under which ICT investments can provide “digital dividends”.

What are the key messages of WDR2016?

Digital technologies have spread rapidly to much of the world. In many cases, they boosted growth, expanded opportunities, and improved service delivery. But the broader development benefits from using these technologies have lagged behind. The impact of the Internet is unevenly distributed, contributing to rising inequality. For digital technology to have broad benefits requires closing the Internet access divide...

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