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Next in our series of events focused on the Internet of Things, a Roundtable with FTC Commissioner Julie Brill on February 26 (Wednesday) at 2.00 p.m. in our G Street conference room.

After Commissioner Brill’s presentation, there will be responses from:


Daniel Caprio, Senior Adviser, McKenna Long & Aldridge, and Senior Fellow, C-PET

Nuala O’Connor, President, Center for Democracy and Technology

Carolyn Nguyen, Director, Technology Policy Group, Microsoft, will address the longer term impact of data and the increasing datafication of society on policy.


InnovateDC – C-PET’s 12/17  conference on  The Renovation of American Governance in the 21st Century
Latest Commentary

Beyond the Shutdown: Five Drivers for the Innovation of DC

By Nigel CameronPresident of C-PET

It’s cheap to say “a plague on both your houses,” but what’s clear as the federal shutdown shudders toward a third week is that back of the positions and personalities shaping this piece of disastrous theater lie common commitments to a political culture that is dead but won’t lie down. Part of our tragic predicament is found in the fact, lately exemplified by the plight of BlackBerry and Nokia (and Kodak), that being the pro tem technology leader can mean little for the development of the kind of resilient culture that will drive mission forward in the context of rapid change. What lies ahead, then, for America?

Introducing C-PET’s New Futures Platform

By Gunther Sonnenfeld & Nigel Cameron, C-PET’s New Policy Innovation Futures Platform

So the sequester grinds on, good men and women pursue the trench warfare at which Capitol Hill excels, and the future of the United States looks more precarious by the day.

Public and private policy in today’s world has boiled down to the tepid commitment of belief systems that seem untethered to foundational wisdom and anchored to party alliances that often do very little for our long-term social, political or technological advancement. In short, as corporations, legislators, lobbyists and citizen activist groups, we are seeking quick solutions to highly complex problems that are predicated on borrowed time and borrowed capital…. And doing so from falsely appointed sides of the same coin.

We are here to change that.

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