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Current Interns

Carlyle J. Abate

Carlyle James Abate is an Eagle Scout from Kennett Square Pennsylvania. Presently he is a Junior at The Catholic University of America and a member of the University Honors Program. He is majoring in history, with minors in politics, philosophy, and theology & religious studies. He spent the previous summer interning for the Masters in Biotechnology program within the department of biology at CUA. While there he helped to market the program to over 1,000 high-schools and colleges on the east coast. Looking forward, after graduation he seeks to work for 2 to 3 years before attending law school. He is very excited to work for C-Pet because he believes that it is very important to look at new and emerging technologies to understand what effect they will have on society. It is also very important that policy makers understand new technologies and their effects to ensure that they can be implemented to their fullest potential. He sees new technology as a means of alleviating human suffering and providing us with more secure and happy lives He is most interested in industrial automation, agricultural technologies, driverless cars, and the increasingly central role that the internet is playing in our lives. He is confident that working for C-pet will be an enriching and rewarding experience.

Christopher Daley

Christopher Daley obtained a Bachelor of Science from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in 2014, decided to continue his education, and is currently working towards a Master of Arts at San Francisco State University. His thesis focuses on the concept of moral enhancement. Throughout his educational career, he has been involved with various organizations, including working as a survey and design assistant at an engineering firm, a race director of a collegiate championship triathlon, a policy intern at a major California water agency, a research assistant at a public utilities commission, as well as a teacher’s aide and course instructor for various philosophy and political science courses. He also spent the past summer studying at Yale University’s Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics. After completing his thesis, Christopher will be applying to law school and is looking to concentrate on intellectual property. Beyond his educational and professional pursuits, he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and traveling. Christopher hopes he can always be involved with opportunities that will allow him to continue discovering, understanding, and communicating information dealing with broad, multidisciplinary challenges and disputes, while working towards forging a common path forward.

Adam Turosky

Adam Turosky is originally from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and is currently a senior Integrated Science and Technology student at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia with sector studies in environmental, energy, and biotechnology issues and concentrations in social context theory as well as biotechnology. While at James Madison University he was inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars in December of 2013, The James Madison University Integrated Science and Technology Honors Society in 2015, and the Risk Manager for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity in 2015. Adam Turosky has much experience in science policy coursework, as well as strengths in Microsoft Offices and public speaking. Currently Adam is undergoing a two-year Senior Capstone research project titled: Food Labeling & A Students Right to Know. The project involves the research of labeling policies, survey design and distribution to gauge public perception, and performing biotechnological tests to determine if any foods around the college campus are free from genetically modified organisms. The research will contribute to working with the university to determine the best policy regarding food labeling issues or concerns. Adam has a strong passion for biotechnology and its’ policies, believing that society will benefit the most from scientists and politicians working as one in creating the best possible policies. He plans to attend law school specializing in the life sciences/biotechnology practice areas, and patent law. Adam has been an ice hockey official and the New York Yankees Triple A baseball teams’ on field announcer for the past three years. During this Summer, Adam will be in Washington DC attending many think tank events and reporting on them, while providing strong networking possibilities for C-PET. Looking forward, Adam anticipates making significant and lasting contributions to C-PET, now and in the years to come.

Past Interns

Blythe Chesworth

Blythe Chesworth just finished the final year of her degree studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Lancaster University in the UK. Blythe is really excited to work with C-PET over the summer before she starts working on a graduate scheme for a large supermarket group in the UK. With her academic background being quite theoretically based, Blythe is looking forward to the opportunity of gaining some hands on experience working in policy and researching. C-PET looks like such an exciting place to work because everything is very current and relevant to the world we are living in. She has been a regular debater for almost five years, representing his university at inter-varsity competitions, and even at a European level, so Blythe is very interested in complex and controversial issues. She has become an accomplished speaker, regularly appearing in the top 10 speakers at competitions, as well as being an experienced judge at large competitions. Additionally, she has organized competitions and was vice-president of the Lancaster Debating Union whilst at university. In studying politics, she has become aware of how limited the scope of political debate is, and how the most important topics are often ignored for self-serving reasons. She wrote her dissertation on gender issues in India and has a passion for trying to highlight the problems that other people want to ignore, and provide a voice for people who are usually ignored. The fact that C-PET works to raise issues of science and technology, as well as helping to raise awareness, is something that she feels is really important and that is one reason why Blythe cannot wait to start this internship. She looks forward to getting to know, and working with, lots of new people!

Zhiwei Ma

Zhiwei Ma is a senior student in the George Washington University. As a Chinese, he is delighted to come to America to learn and to contribute. Learning finance and sports management, he has built his interest in marketing, and managing and helping companies to finance. He is planning to apply for graduate program after graduating from GW and at the mean time he is also going to apply for jobs that he likes, and he will decide to choose one of them based on the quality. He really hopes to utilize his knowledge to contribute and build a connection between China and America in the future.